Mr & Mrs Gireesh, Thrissur

We had 4 pregnancies all natural conception. Our first baby passed away at 4 years age. When this baby was tested for genetic conditions, the result came that our baby was affected with a metabolic disease called the tay scahs . We had 3 more pregnancies after this and unfortunately in all the pregnancies the fetus was affected. And we had to terminate. All other hospitals advised us to go for donor as there was no treatment for this condition and others told us to keep trying pregnancies until we get a normal baby. When we came to CRAFT Hospital, we were assured that with the help Of Argenomics, we can definitely have a healthy baby. We are very much thankful to the Argenomics and CRAFT hospital, that with the help of PGD technique we are now having a healthy baby. PGD technology is a blessing to many with genetic conditions.

Mr & Mrs. Ravi, Calicut.

I am happy to inform you that we blessed with a healthy baby on January 2016 after a gap of 11years of our marriage. We had continuous 9 1st trimester miscarriages from natural pregnancy. After 8 years of treatment from different hospitals, we almost lost our hope and then we came to know about CRAFT. Dr. Ashraf suggested Karyotyping for both of us and found to be normal. Then we consulted Dr. Ritu for Genetic counseling and she has briefly explained about PGS. We were assured that with the help of Argenomics, we can definitely have a healthy baby. We would like to thank Dr. Ritu who was always available to hear our problems, Queries and was so patient to help us with the help of PGS technique we are now having a healthy baby. PGS technology is a blessing to many with unexplained infertility. We believe god has worked through all of your hands.

Mr & Mrs Arulselvam, Chennai.

I am 45 years and my husband is 47 years. We had 4 pregnancies – all natural conception. Our first girl child passed away at 3years of age due to cardiac abnormality. Genetic tests were normal. My second pregnancy was Intra uterine death at 18 weeks. We had 2 more pregnancies after this and had 1st trimester miscarriages. 17 Years of marriage and a long emotional struggle we totally lost our hope. We heard about CRAFT from one of my close friend, Dr. Ashraf referred to meet Dr. Ritu for genetic counseling. Dr. Ritu has explained about a genetic testing called PGS. We were assured that with the help of Argenomics, we can definitely have a healthy baby. After many years of waiting, our dream came true with the caring help of Argenomics. Yes, now we are blessed with a healthy baby free from genetic condition. I suggest this genetic centre to all my friends those who are suffering with genetic conditions. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to this movement called Argenomics, which is beyond words, the centre of excellence in genetics.

Mr & Mrs Sarmistha Mohanty

Grace of God, best wishes of all, We are blessed with a baby boy at Craft Hospital, Kodungallur. Our parents are God for us, we feel Dr. Ashraf sir and his team equally God for us.
My wife (40yrs) and me (43 yrs) are blessed with a baby at a single attempt in Craft Hospital with the the help of Argenomics where PGS test has been done.
Atmosphere here is quite homely among all staffs ( Diagnosis, Nursing, Laboratory or welcome desu)
Support of each staff to cooperate is really convincing. We never felt remote even though we thought language may poe a issue in this part of country. However each person's approach to tender all type of help is really supported. We never felt away from a homely atmosphere.
Doctor's advice is convincing at any period of time. We shall remain grateful ever to Dr. Asraf and his team.

Mr & Mrs Gopikrishnan B, Ernakulam

We are married for the past 9 years and both of us hail from Aluva, Ernakulam district of Kerala state. We had been trying to conceive for past 7-8 years and undergone treatment at multiple infertility centers in Kerala. Praveena has undergone multiple IUI transfers,IVF cycles and embriyo transfers before coming to CRAFT Hospital. CRAFT was recommended by one of the doctor practicing at a local infertility centre at Palakkad as the last resort for infertility in Kerala for recurrent IVF failures, any sort of unexplained infertility issues. After a longside of 8 years, we started treatment at CRAFT hospital in 2016. CRAFT has advanced technologies like PGD/PGS, thustands Lucocyte transfer, Enriched Plasma infussion, Endometrial Receptor. Assay which was increased the success rate of IVF cycle and inturn has reduced the time to pregnancy. Today June5, 2018 we are learning the hospital with our baby. There are not enough words to express our thanks and gratitude to the medical crew at CRAFT. We are very thankful to Dr. Reema Basheer for her effort and divine hardwork which has blessed us with our baby.

Multiple 8 failed attempts and a balanced translocation carrier gets their own baby first time through PGD at CRAFT/ Argenomics.

Valuable words from our satisfied patients



One of the major reasons for the recurring pregnancy losses and IVF failures is a disorder occurring in the endometrium which mainly concerns abnormal gene expressions. Now using the procedure Endometrial Receptor Gene Assay (ERGA), it is possible to...

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Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

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    Cytogenetics refers to the study of chromosome content in a cell. Argenomics has a fully equipped Cytogenetics lab with automated Karyotyping and FISH software. A complete Karyotype including structural chromosomal abnormalities and micro-deletions can be obtained using this facility. FISH is only performed on selected chromosomes. Cytogenetic studies can be done on a variety of samples like Peripheral blood, Amniotic fluid, CVS, and products of conception.

  • Hereditary Disease

    Targeted Mutation Screening  is a diagnostic tool completed through blood test that identifies the mutated gene or genes causing a genetic disease in your family. The identification of a gene mutations allows for further steps to be taken to prevent the passing on of the condition to future generations and may aid in the improvement of treatment of an affected individual. In most cases, after identifying the cause of genetic disease the couples can go with a Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for Single Gene Disorders, a genetic test...


    Preconception genetic testing Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) involves a process of screening of embryos in the course of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This helps to identify abnormalities in the chromosomes occurring due to aneuploidy. The main reason for recurrent IVF failures and in turn pregnancy losses is the higher risk of chromosomal errors that happ...